Gikii 2021 Draft Timetable 

By | July 16, 2021

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Monday, 13th September


10.00 Marvellous Session

Liam Sunner – House of Intellectual Property / Powers of Intellectual Property: An analysis of the European Union’s engagement with International Intellectual Property Law through the prism of a trade agreement with the mutant nation of Krakoa.

Patricia Živković – The Regulation of General Artificial Intelligence in the European Union: Are We Ready for J.A.R.V.I.S. and Vision?

Lilian Edwards and Hannah Smethurst – A Regulatory Miracle?

11.00 coffee break

11.30 Watching the Detectives

Marion Oswald – The Mistake of the Machine Revisited

Sara Correia and Cate Hopkins – Restorative Justice in the Digital Society: Themes from Netflix’s How to Get Away With Murder

Reuben Binns – Just one more datapoint … Columbo audits the algorithms

12.30 lunch break

14:00 Accountability and Public Engagement

Lamprini Georgiou – How can you make a “robot” accountable for its actions?

Miranda Mowbray – The Exam Returns

Michael Dunford and J. Remy Green – The Voyage of the Good Ship Threadnought: What the Aftermath of the World’s Worst Retraction Demand Teaches Us About Lawsuits, Public Engagement, and the Legal Significance of Cat Memes

15:00 coffee break

15:30 Space and Disaster

Chris Marsden – The Political Economy of Unregulation – Or How I Learned to Love the Oligarchs, They Pay My Rent

Hjalte Osborn Frandsen – Space Force? Bah – We need space traffic cops!

Andrew Olivo – The Law of the Apocalypse

16:30 coffee break

17:00 Dolphins, Dragons and Monsters

Fernando Barrio – The legal reality of the fictitious life of Johnny Mnemonic

Silvia de Conca – A natural history of dragons: the memoir of a junior scholar

Federica Giovanella – Product liability and the Internet of (Stranger) Things

18:00-19:15 Zoom pet show and bring-your-own drinks


Tuesday, 14th September

10:00 Privacy, or not

Paul Bernal – Privacy in troubled times, or, Intersecting dystopias

Jiahong Chen and Lucas Miotto – Being Manipulated in Real Time: The Modern Family Life

Mando Rachovitsa – Schrödinger’s cats in the cloud: Privacy and open-source are dead (and aren’t)

Wendy Grossman and Jon Crowcroft – Leaky by Design

11:00 coffee break

11.30 Work Fit for Humans

Clement Guitton, Aurelia Tamò-Larrieux and Simon Mayer – When robots become judges and laymen become lawyers… The end of the world as we know it?

Vanessa Hanschke and Yasmin Hanschke – Clickworkers: Problems and Solutions for the Future of AI Labour

Tomas Klink – HCI for Gig Economy Apps

Sebastian Felix Schwemer – Human-in-the-Loop: What can the EU learn from Star Trek?

12:30 lunch break

14:00 Zombie Professors and other Fakes

Aislinn O’Connell – Deepfakes and the Law: A Right Royal Mess

Guido Noto La Diega, Giulia Priora, Bernd Justin Jütte and Léo Pascault – Death Becomes HE: The Rise of Lecture Capture in the Panopt(ic)o(n)

Adrian Aronsson-Storrier (actually by Will Page) – No AIs were exploited in the creation of this presentation

15:00 coffee break

15.30 Blockchain Gang

Florian Idelberger – The Uncanny Valley of Computable Contracts

Edmund Schuster – Cloud Crypto Land

Dinusha Mendis – What’s the Deal with NFTs and Copyright?

Andres Guadamuz – Ceci n’est pas une pipe: Adventures in NFT-land

16:30-18:00 Gikii 2021 conclusions and Zoom social

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