2013 Programme

By | August 14, 2013


16 September

9.30-10 Registration and refreshments

10-10.15 Welcome and introduction

10.15 11.45 Welcome to the Beach Castle! Information and Control

Chair Dinusha Mendis

Miranda Mowbray (HP Computers), Cybersecurity: The Beach Edition

Andrew Adams (Meiji University, Japan), Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law: Who Owns My Device?

Argyro Karanasiou (CIPPM, Bournemouth), Lessons learned from the great Lobachevski: Monopoly of knowledge v. 2.0

Andy Phippen (Plymouth), Dear God! Think of the Children

11.45 12 noon am Coffee

12 1 pm I Put My Blue Genes On; Law and the Gene Industries

Chair Chris Marsden


Ray Corrigan (Open University), BRCA [Brac]1 & 2 – The cluttered reasoning of the US Supreme Court in AMP v Myriad Genetics

Andelka Phillips (Oxford), Direct-to-consumer genetic testing, what exactly are you signing up for?

Sylvia Allouche (Bristol), Alternative constitutions (bodies and laws) in science-fictional feminist techno-utopias

1 2.15 pm Lunch

2.15 3.45 pm Slave to the Algo-Rhythm? : Robots, cars and algorithmic control

Chair Catherine Easton

Salil Mehra (Temple University), Autonomous Cartel Robots: Agreement Technology and Competition Law

Heather Bradshaw-Martin (Oxford), Closing the loop on autonomous cars: when to take the human out of the loop

Lilian Edwards (Strathclyde), Rise of the Algorithms

Maurizio Borghi (CIPPM, Bournemouth)/ Stavroula Karapapa (Reading), The defamatory effect of Google’s autocomplete. Feeling unlucky?

3.45 4.15 Coffee

4.15 5.30 Surfin USA: Who Runs the Internet?

Chair Andrew Adams

Chris Marsden (Sussex), Hyper-power and private monopoly: the unholy marriage of (neo) corporatism and the imperial surveillance state

Alison Harcourt (Exeter), Steering non-state actors within international internet fora: the power of the state

Monica Horten (LSE), Copyright policy and lobbying: do the corporations always get their way? Three curious cases, three different outcomes

Thomas Höppner (Olswang LLP), When Robots Do Not Listen: The Robots Exclusion Protocol as Instrument to Express Usage Rights?

7.30 pm Conference dinner at Hot Rocks

17 September

9.30 am 10.45 am 50 Shades of Law: Fanfic, Comics. Avatars

Chair Andres Guadamuz

Caroline Wilson (Anura Consulting), A whole new world? Amazonian Fan Fiction: Legal and Moral issues with Kindle Worlds

Kim Barker (Birmingham), The Batmobile – The IP Law of The Comic?

 10.45 am- 11.15 am Coffee

11.15 am 12.45pm California Girls (and One Guy): The Politics of Internet Inclusion

Ch Lilian Edwards

Wendy Grossman, (Net.wars), Big Dicks and Uppity Women

Catherine Easton (Lancaster), Welcome to the Monkey House: Accessibility and equality through the eyes of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Judith Rauhofer (Edinburgh), Scientific progress goes ‘boink’” – Regulation, technological determinism and the BORG complex

Simon Phipps (Meshed Insights Ltd), How come democracy has no-one that’s speaking for me?

12.45 2 pm Lunch

2 2.45pm Disney Girls (er Boys):  Privacy and Identity

Chair  Judith Rauhofer

Andres Guadamuz (Sussex), The Quantum Thief: Negotiating privacy in the hyper-connected world

Paul Bernal (UEA), True to yourself? Online identity and privacy through the medium of Disney Princesses

2.45 pm – 3 pm Comfort break

3 pm 4 pm QUICKFIRE SESSION! 4 PhD papers [10 minutes each, max 3 slides, 20 minutes joint questions]

Chair Paul Bernal

Lachlan Urquart (Nottingham), The Persistence of Memory: Towards the Synchronic Society

Ben Zebenbergen (Oxford), Ethical privacy framework for network researchers collecting, measuring, analysing and disseminating mobile connectivity data

Asma Vranaki (Oxford), The Irish Facebook Audit: Of Power and Relations

Hayleigh Bosher (CIPPM, Bournemouth), A Brave New Copyright: A Ludacris Solution?

4 4.15 coffee

4.15 5.30 pm Printer is Coming! : Law and 3d printing

Chair  Caroline Wilson

Dinusha Mendis (CIPPM, Bournemouth), From Napster to Thingiverse: The Copyright Implications of 3D Printing

Thomas Margoni (IViR, Amsterdam), Open Design? 3D printing and open licenses

Anna Ronkainen (Helsinki), 3D-Printed Human Spare Parts: Legal Aspects

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