Call for Papers: Gikii Vienna 2018 – The Gikii Files

By | April 25, 2018

Call for Papers: Gikii Vienna 2018 – The Gikii Files

September 13-14, Vienna, Austria

The events of this year are culminating in intensity and volume in a remarkable pace. Social, political and cultural shifts seem to be taking centre stage in world politics at a time where the personal not only is firmly political, but it becomes politics itself: the #MeToo movement gave voice to silent and ignored life testimonies from the glitter worldwide, to the gutter while #IbelieveHer marked society’s loud discontent with the gap between the legal and the moral; meanwhile FB returns to the public debate, this time as a cynical partner of professional manipulation experts in its role in directing public opinion and possibly distorting the voting process. Moreover, the flows of refugees and displaced persons across the globe are at the centre of the political agendas of aggressive nationalism and national elections, while also as a core connecting thread of societies coming together in various expressions of practical, legal and cultural solidarity. The personal across these issues has been put firmly on the agenda of politics. We, at the Media Governance and Industries Research Lab, believe that Gikii law has a contribution to make in reflecting upon and responding to these events. All Gikii topics are welcome, but we are interested in dedicating a part of this extended Gikii event to gender dimensions.

The well-known style of informal and provocative papers reflected in titles and presentations is desired also for the Vienna event. The Media Governance & Industries Research Lab at the University of Vienna is inviting abstracts of no longer than 500 words which should be sent by July 2, 2018 to

Registration will be open at when acceptance of abstracts has taken place.

For those, who are new to Gikii, the workshop archives ( give a good idea to the very wide range of topics previously considered, and, the informal style of the event. So don’t forget the cat …


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