2011 – Göteborg

GikII VI, Göteborg, Sweden 2011

Freedom, openness & piracy?
26-28 June 2011
IT University
Göteborg, Sweden

Call for Papers

Is GikII a discussion of popular culture through the lens of law – or is it about technology law, spiced with popular culture? For five years and counting, GikII has been a vessel for the leading edge of debate about law, technology and culture, charting a course through the murky waters of our societal uses and abuses of technology.

For 2011, this ship full of seriously playful lawyers will enter for the first time the cold waters of the north (well, further north than Scotland) and enter that land of paradoxes: Sweden. Seen by outsiders as well-organised suicidal Bergman-watching conformists, but also the country that brought you Freedom of Information, ABBA, the Swedish chef, The Pirate Bay and (sort of…) Julian Assange. We offer fine weather, the summer solstice and a fair reception at the friendly harbour of Göteborg.

So come one, come all… Clean your screens, look into the harder discs of your virtual and real lives, and present your peers with your ideas on the meaning of our augmented lives. Confuse us with questions, dazzle us with legal arguments, and impress us with your GikIIness. If you have a paper on (for example) regulation of Technology & Futurama, soft law in World of Warcraft, censoring social media & Confucius, the creative role of piracy on latter day punk or plagiarism among the ancient Egyptians – We are the audience for you (for a taste of past presentations see the Programme section).

Application process

Please send an abstract not exceeding 500 words to Professor Lilian Edwards (Lilian.Edwards@strath.ac.uk) or Dr Mathias Klang (klang@ituniv.se). The deadline for submissions is 15 April 2011. We will try to have them approved and confirmed as soon as possible so that you can organise the necessary travel and accommodation.


As with previous years, GikII is free of charge, and therefore there are
limited spaces available, so please make sure you submit your paper early.
Priority is always given to speakers, but there are some limited spaces available for students and non-speakers. Registration is open through Eventbrite.


Gikii VI will be held in collaboration with IT University – a hub for collaboration, research and education within the ICT area. The conference will be held in the “Steve Jobs” room on the second floor.

GikII VI Schedule

Monday 27 June:

09:00 – 09:45 Registration

09:45 Introduction

10:00 – 11:15 My Favourite Game: Copyright, Contract and Kids

Mathias Klang: Mashing YouTube – copyright just ain’t copyright no more

James Griffin: An EULA! An EULA! My copyright kingdom for an EULA!

Andrea M. Matwyshyn: Digital Childhood

Dinusha Mendis: The ‘Hangover’ over a Tattoo – Hangover 2: The debate about tattoos and copyright rumbles on…

11:15 Coffee

11:30 – 13:00 Open Your Eyes

Ray Corrigan: A case study in overcoming cultural agoraphobia

Johan Söderberg: Hardware Hackers

Caroline Wilson: Whistle while you work: corporate whistleblowing, corporate openness and linked data

Waltraut Ritter: Mobile Museums – making digital cultural content accessible to non-museum visitors

13:15 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 15:40 Paranoid Androids: Robots, Zombies, Bots

Lilian Edwards: Robbie the Robot goes (W)rong: Who Pays?

Miranda Mowbray: Cheeky Tweeter, Tell me What’s Wrong

Anna Ronkainen: Zombies and Legal Personhood

15:40 – 16:00 Tea

16:00 – 17.30 A Man After Teatime

Clive D.W. Feather: What time is it?

Alexandra Giannopoulou: Copyright Enforcement Measures: The role of the ISPs and the respect of the principle of proportionality

Andres Guadamuz: The Quantum Thief: Negotiating privacy in the hyper-connected world

19:30 Conference Dinner

Tuesday 28 June

10:00 – 11:30 Does Your Mother Know? Privacy and Interception

Paul Bernal: What Muad’Dib can teach us about personal data… Or Personal data as the spice melange in the online world

Judith Rauhofer: Nut jobs are exactly the kind of people who will survive?: In praise of paranoia

Tijmen H.A. Wisman: Smart meters: will the whispering in your closet be proclaimed from the rooftops?

TJ Macintyre: Interception of online communications in Ireland – why the silence?

11:30 Coffee

11:45 – 13:00 Fernando: Internet Porn and Pseudonymous Speech

Steven Hetcher: Is there a Moral Right to Anonymous and Pseudonymous Communication?

Fabio Andre Silva Reis: Regulating to Block Access to Child Pornography on the Internet: A multiple-case study

Andrew Adams: Virtual Child Pornography and Related Matters

13:00 Lunch & End Conference

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