2006 – Edinburgh

GikII Workshop

Workshop Organisers: Lilian Edwards and Andres Guadamuz.

Monday and Tuesday 5th September 2006, VIth World Computer Congress, Law School, University of Edinburgh

VENUE: Moot Court Room, School of Law, University of Edinburgh.
Old College, South Bridge. Map.

Draft Programme

Monday September 4th

1.30-3.30 Virtual Property & Virtual Governance

3.30 -3.45 coffee

3.45 – 5.30 Copyright and the Openness Ethic in the Information Society

7pm Workshop dinner, Howie’s, Waterloo Place (speakers only)

Tuesday September 5th

10.00-11.45 Cultural Property & IT Law 1: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Law!

11.45- 1.15 pm Cyber-crimes and Info-wrongs

1.15 – 2.30 Lunch

2.30 – 4 Privacy, Identity and Code

4- 4.15 Coffee

4.15- 5.45 Cultural Property & IT Law 2: My Game, My Rules

5.45- 6pm Plenary

6pm – Reception
Lorimer Room, Old College. Sponsored by the Open Rights Group (ORG).

Call for papers (now closed)

Wikipedia is the first encyclopaedia in the world where information is being amassed solely by the collaborative efforts of individuals working separately but together via on-line tools. Geeks are the people who contribute to this knowledge: fellow travellers on the digital omnibus, who delight in finding, publishing, inventing and sharing nuggets of joyful knowledge and innovation from the worlds of technology, science, popular culture, and technotrivia. LIIs are Legal Information Institutes: invaluable on-line temples of legal knowledge. The patriarch of the field is AustLII, but the concept has spread through the world bringing us BAILII, PacLII, CommonLII, and no doubt, many more bad puns to come.

GikII proposes to be the place where these worlds, institutions and players will come together for the first time at a major law and technology conference. We want to discuss whether geek law exists. If you have a paper burning for the oxygen of publicity on any aspect of law AND technology, science, geek culture, blogs, popular culture, wikis, science fiction or fantasy, computer games, digital culture, gender on-line, MMORPGS, virtual property or online human personae, then this is the workshop for you. The more blue skies, the more wacky races, the more ragged bleeding edge, the less clichéd, the more challenging and contra-intuitive, the more we want it.

So if you long to find a venue where you can talk seriously about surveillance strategies in the novels of Harry Potter; why blawgs do well in the Technorati database; whether virtual worlds are the ideal try–out zones for law reform; whether characters in The Sims should be allowed the human right to private life ; Buffy Summers as an archetypical exploration of duty vs autonomy; the ethics of heroism post 9/11 as seen in the Spiderman movies; whether cyber-feminism still exists; and much, much more, then let us see your abstract.

Conference workshop dates: Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th September 2006

There is no requirement to provide a full text paper but there may be a call for papers in publishable form after the workshop concludes. The Workshop has no funds to pay for participant’s travel or accommodation but we will be very happy to help in whatever way in the securing of external funding.

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