List of accepted papers for Gikii London 2019

By | August 9, 2019

Here’s the list of accepted papers for the forthcoming Gikii in London, QMUL, September 9-10, 2019, QMUL, London, UK.

The final programme and venue details will be published soon.

  • Alessandra Demichei, Queen Mary, University of London, The AI-Factor – From the score to the algorithm. Is copyright out there?
  • Alexandra Giannopoulou and Valeria Ferrari, University of Amsterdam, Closing the circle: In Libra we trust?
  • Andrea Matwyshyn and Miranda Mowbray, Pennsylvania State University and University of Bristol, FAKE.
  • Andres Guadamuz, University of Sussex, Cyber-dystopianism: The Internet seen through the lens of nightmares.
  • Anna Ronkainen, University of Helsinki, Paradigms of Legal Service Innovation on The Good Fight.
  • Carolina Are, City, University of London, The Law of Meta-Shade in Crossover Facebook Group Fire WERK With Me.
  • Catherine Easton, Lancaster University, Brazil, Security and Bureaucracy: Case study: The Ministry of Information.
  • Cristina Murray-Radulescu, University of Reading, After the Turing Test: The Legal Reform of Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 Granting Artificial Intelligence Authorship Rights for Copyright Protected Works.
  • Daithi Mac Sithigh, Queen’s University Belfast, Scooter: Back in the UK?
  • Darren Read, Data Protection: a Cure-All Remedy for all the World’s Ills.
  • Derek McAuley and Richard Mortier, University of Nottingham and University of Cambridge, DoH; A Section 31 approach to the use of the Domain Name System.
  • Edina Harbinja and Julien Rossi, Aston University and Université de Technologie de Compiègne, How alive is your data protection while stuck in the transition between life and death?
  • Edina Harbinja, Michael Veale, Lilian Edwards and Jef Ausloos, Aston University, University College of London, Newcastle University and University of Amsterdam, The Death SAR: GDPR and the rights of the (un)dead.
  • Fernando Barrio, Queen Mary, University of London, Gods and animals regulating technology.
  • Laurence Diver, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Legal tech, or Story of Your [Legal] Life.
  • Lilian Edwards, Newcastle University, Is Gikii the Good Place?
  • Matthew White.Bran the Broken, or Bran the Branopticon, destroyer of democracy?
  • Michael Dunford, Queen Mary, University of London, Carving Characters from the Commons: How to Use Copyright to Steal Characters from the Public Domain (You’re Welcome!).
  • Paul Bernal, University of East Anglia, Paul Breaks The Internet.
  • Reuben Binns, University of Oxford, A Super-Sad True Gikii Story.
  • Shane Patrick McNamee. Bendy Bananas and Banning Bins – Regulation in the (Mis)Information Age.
  • Sheila Bamugemereire, University of Bristol, Dirty Computers: What can Afrofuturism and Black Feminism teach us about Algorithmic Bias?
  • Tristan Henderson, University of St Andrews, Implication of a Singapore-style B**xit for UK technology law.
  • Wenlong Li, Jiahong Chen, Xinxiang Shi and Qingxiang Wu, University of Edinburgh, University of Nottingham and Dalian Maritime University, The Curious Case of OpenAI Five: Ethics for Artificial Intelligence Self-play.

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