Gikii Vienna 2018: Programme

By | July 30, 2018

Gikii 2018
Media Governance & Industries Research Lab at the University of Vienna
September 13-14

THURS 13th DAY 1, start lunchtime 1pm

1-2pm Fake news

  • What Dracula Can Teach Us About Fake News – Paul Bernal
  • The “Al Gore Rhythm”? The Paranoid Style in Law and AI Technology – Salil K. Mehra
  • Of Radfems, TERFs and Russian Blogs – Judith Rauhofer

2- 3.30pm  DP/ Data

  • SAR Trek: The Next Generation (of data rights) – Michael Veale
  • Altered Carbon, Sleeved Selves: How to Legalise Personal Data Containers – Lilian Edwards and Derek Macaulay
  • From Ava to Siri: Data Protection by Design and the Gendering of Virtual Personal Assistants – Dr Nóra Ni Loideain and Dr Rachel Adams
  • Bill & Ted’s Data Protection Adventure – Tristan Henderson


4 pm – 5.30pm IP

  • Altered Carbon: From the law of the sleeve to the law of the stack – Alexandra Giannopoulou and João Pedro Quintais
  • Save our memes! Conceptualising ‘digital folklore’ for cultural diversity in cyberspace – Rachel Maguire
  • Engage! Can the contemporary intellectual property framework get us to Warp 9? – Megan Rae Blakely
  • Big Brother is Watching but He Doesn’t Understand: An Analysis of the Competence of Digital Filtering Technology in Enforcing Copyright Law – Mitchell Longan


DAY 2 Fri 14th

9.30- 11am Artifice And Avarice

  • Artifice and Intelligence – Andrea Matwyshyn
  • Come to the Dark Side, We Have Patterns: Choice Architecture and Design for (Uni)informed Consent – Rossana Ducato and Enguerrand Marique
  • Building a New Sith Empire Around A New System of Imperial Credits – Israel Cedillo Lazcano
  • A psychological study of Marxian authentication protocols – Wendy Grossman


11.30-1.10pm  Regulation

  • Superuser no more: design and the stripping of law’s privileges – Laurence Diver
  • Ready Player Cat: Internet regulation in the OASIS – Andres Guadamuz
  • Specific Sensitive Data Deregulation (SSDD): Portarlington-Valetta-Nicosia Effect(s) in Global Data Protection Law – Chris Marsden and Michael Veale
  • Robots who rape: Implications for criminal law and policy – Dr Bela Bonita Chatterjee
  • From HAL to Bender: Deconstructing AI and genderCatherine Easton



2.15-3.45pm  IP/Post-mortem Law

  • Fading out the Echo of Consumer Protection: An empirical study at the intersection of data protection and trade secrets – Dr Guido Noto La Diega
  • I can haz your e-book: the reference in TomKabinet case and the paradox of functional equivalent approach – Liliia Oprysk
  • (Post-mortem) Authorship in the Machine: Machine learning technologies imbuing new life into the jurisprudence of séances and spirit writing – Adrian Aronsson-Storrier
  • Facebook knows what the late Mary did last summer – Should it let Mary’s heirs know? – Dr Sandra Schmitz-Berndt


4.15pm -5.45pm Personality Contests

  • It’s complicated. The relationship status between digital and traditional media platforms. The case of the #MeToo social movement. – Nadine van der Laan
  • The rise of Quasi-subjects in the post-human legal & technological era – Gianclaudio Malgieri
  • Cat Pictures … and Legal Personhood Please: How Spontaneous Intelligence Can Problematise Differences Between Humans, Artificial Intelligence, Companies and Animals – Jiahong Chen, Paul Burgess
  • Rights for malware! – Miranda Mowbray


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