Gikii 2020 Call for Papers

By | May 4, 2020

Gikii 2020: New (ab) Normal Edition!

July 30-31 2020
Post-apocalyptic Hell-cyberspace

(Deadline extended!)

Since 2006 Gikii has been at the forefront of the interface between law and popular culture. This year we’re going retro and moving to the Metaverse. Its 1996 all over again! Well maybe early 2000s. Dust-off your VR sets, strap into your multi-directional treadmills, and join us in an exploration of all things virtual.

This year we’ll be Zooming In from all corners of the world (or maybe something more privacy sensitive but more likely to fall over) to discuss life in the cyberpunk dystopia we now inhabit. We’ll be discussing contact-tracing apps, disinformation, our new AI overlords, the resurrection of virtual reality, and your favourite piece of legal geekdom. We take the definition of “geek” quite broadly, so we welcome works about cats, knitting, séances, Netflix, the future of the Marvel universe after Endgame, sourdough starters and everything else you think might qualify.

This Gikii will be a bit different because things work differently in Zoomspace – strict ten- minute papers, and possibly some interactive panels not just papers. Also everyone has to come in national costume with their fave themed Zoom background and ideally with a cat, dog or child interrupting halfway through (only joking – no actually, deadly serious). Chat will be Chat-ham house rules 😺

We invite you to send your abstracts by June 1st 7th to anduin13 at outlook dot com, or lilian at lilianedwards dot co dot uk.

Registration and other technical details will be released at a later date.

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