Gikii London 2016 Programme

By | June 24, 2016
DATE: September 30, 2016
9am – 5pm
PLACE: Notre Dame Law Center,  London
1 Suffolk St, London SW1Y 4HG
ORGANIZERS:   Andrea Matwyshyn @amatwyshyn
Mark McKenna @markpmckenna
QUESTIONS?: am28 [at]


9:00-9:10            Jon Crowcroft, The Internet of Things: What could possibly go wrong?

9:10-9:20            Nic Terry, On the Internet Everyone Knows Your Heart Rate

9:20-9:30            Helen Oliver, Security in NBC’s Hannibal: nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool

9:30-9:45            DISCUSSION


9:45-9:55           Darren Read, On the Internet, Everybody Knows You’re Not a Dog (With a Bad Credit Rating)

9:55-10:05         Andelka Phillips, I should probably tell the fridge to stop looking at me because the toaster is getting jealous

10:05-10:15       Philip Howard, The Internet of Things Is Your New Constitution (Even if Your Country Didn’t Have One Or You Preferred the Previous One)

10:15-10:30       DISCUSSION


10:30-10:40       Chris Marsden, Zuck Off! How Facebook’s chimp privacy policies exploit our inner bonobos

10:40-10:50       Judith Rauhofer, LOL PR: how young people learn to decipher information and stop believing everything they’re told online

10:50-11:00       DISCUSSION


11:00-11:10       Edina Harbinja, Google as Stalker and Deep Mind as the Zone

11:10-11:20       Trevor Callaghan, Coal mining at the edge of the singularity

11:20-11:30       Damian Clifford, But how does that make you feel? Errrhh I dunno, ask the computer!

11:30-11:45       DISCUSSION


11:45-11:55       Miranda Mowbray, GRUMPY CAT IZ INNOCENT

11:55-12:05       Tristan Henderson, From machine learning to precrime: prediction, consent and Tom Cruise

12:05-12:15       DISCUSSION


12:15-12:25       Stephanie Pell, You Can’t Always Get What You Want: How Will Law Enforcement Get What it Needs in a Post-Snowden, Cybersecurity-centric Encryption Era? (with added kitten)

12:25-12:35       Jen Ellis, Meowssenaar: A revised Wassenaar framework as told by cats

12:35-12:45       Eleni Koulourioti, Regulating Cryptocurrencies – the Hide and Seek Countdown Dance

12:45-1:00          DISCUSSION




1:25-1:35            Ian Brown, Social network interconnect: from Gikii paper to EU policy?

1:35-1:45            Alka Tandan, When Modern Love met Darling Nikki: Personal Branding and Identity

1:45-1:55            Monica Horten, The fingertap of desire

1:55-2:05            Elinor Carmi, Catch me if you can, Mmmm K? Lessons from South Park on the evolution of online advertising and its regulation.

2:05-2:25            DISCUSSION


2:25-2:35            Paul Bernal, Troubles with Trollhunting?

2:35-2:45            Caroline Wilson, Web Observatories and legal and ethical best practice: avoiding Ronald Dahl’s The Magic Finger

2:45-2:55            Wendy Grossman/Jon Crowcroft, Anti-doping Theater

2:55-3:10            DISCUSSION


3:10-3:20            Ren Reynolds, The Virtual Policy Network

3:20-3:30            Shane P McNamee, All Your Game Are Belong to Us

3:30-3:40            DISCUSSION


3:40-3:50            Alison Harcourt, Memes about Emes: the digital rights movement goes to the W3C

3:50-4:00            Dinusha Mendis, NBA 2K16 to Tech Tattoos: Take Two

4:00-4:10            Rebecca Giblin, The musical copyright dystopia

4:10-4:20            Andres Guadamuz, There’s a Rattata in my Frittata! Pokémon Go and the protection of virtual spaces.

4:20-4:45            DISCUSSION


4:45                     Exit to The Harp.

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