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Gikii 2015 Call for Papers

Welcome to the future… The future doesn’t look exactly as we imagined, only a handful of us get to live in space, there are no hoverboards and flying cars, and no jetpack in sight. Disappointment abounds. But look closely and the future is more interesting than we imagined. You can talk to your computer, and… Read More »

GikII 2013 Call for Papers

GikII 2013 – Call for Papers Sun, Sand and GikII VIII When robots, drones, autonomous agents, Facebook stalking, teleportation, 3D printing, MMORPGS, science fiction, computer games and superhero justice are discussed within the realms of the law and LOL cats, you know the time for the annual GikII workshop has arrived!  Yes it’s time for… Read More »

Call for papers (Now Closed)

Call for Papers: 7th Gikii Workshop, 17-18 September 2012 UEA London 102 Middlesex Street London E1 7EZ UK Event page in Google+ It’s harder than it used to be to write a Call for Papers for GikII, the so-cool-it-hurts blue skies workshop for papers exploring the interstices between law, technology and popular culture. Back in… Read More »

GikII 2011

GikII VI, Göteborg, Sweden 2011 Freedom, openness & piracy? 26-28 June 2011 IT University Göteborg, Sweden Call for Papers