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Gikii London 2019 Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Gikii XIV- The Purry Road September 9-10, 2019, QMUL, London, UK From mega-corporations that react to self-inflicted scandals by changing their policies to then not comply with them, to venerable institutions that exemplify why ancient cultures venerated cats and not institutions, through the possibility of a fully filtered Internet, this is a… Read More »

Call for Papers: Gikii Vienna 2018 – The Gikii Files

Call for Papers: Gikii Vienna 2018 – The Gikii Files September 13-14, Vienna, Austria The events of this year are culminating in intensity and volume in a remarkable pace. Social, political and cultural shifts seem to be taking centre stage in world politics at a time where the personal not only is firmly political, but… Read More »

Gikii 2017 Call for Papers

Call for Papers: GikII Workshop, September 15, 2017 Workshop venue: Mercure Winchester Wessex Hotel, Winchester UK In 2017 GikII goes back to basics with a one-day workshop in England’s ancient capital, Winchester.  In a world of BREXIT, Trump and fake news, the sky is the limit for papers exploring the connections between law, technology and popular culture.… Read More »

Gikii London 2016 Call for Papers

Gikii comes back to London this year, so we will be having two Gikii events in September. The always amazing Andrea Matwyshyn has posted the call for papers: http://www.andreamm.com/gikii2016.html All your Internet thing are belong to us DATE:        September 30, 2016 9a – 5p PLACE:        London, 1 Suffolk St, London SW1Y 4HG Check… Read More »

Gikii in Adelaide 2016

In a year that is going to bring a new Star Trek movie, a new Independence Day, an all-female Ghostbusters team, a new X-Men movie, Season 6 of Game of Thrones, and yet another preview of the Winds of Winter, prepare yourself for more excitement. Gikii will be hosted at the Adelaide Law School, University… Read More »

Gikii 2015 Call for Papers

Welcome to the future… The future doesn’t look exactly as we imagined, only a handful of us get to live in space, there are no hoverboards and flying cars, and no jetpack in sight. Disappointment abounds. But look closely and the future is more interesting than we imagined. You can talk to your computer, and… Read More »

GikII 2013 Call for Papers

GikII 2013 – Call for Papers Sun, Sand and GikII VIII When robots, drones, autonomous agents, Facebook stalking, teleportation, 3D printing, MMORPGS, science fiction, computer games and superhero justice are discussed within the realms of the law and LOL cats, you know the time for the annual GikII workshop has arrived!  Yes it’s time for… Read More »