2020 – Online

Gikii 2020: This time is virtual!

We’re sold out! Here’s a link to the waiting list. If you’re a speaker you do not need to register.

Programme in PDF format.


Co-Organised by Catalina Goanta, Maastricht University


Thursday July 30th

9.45-10.00      INTRODUCTION 

Lilian Edwards & Andres Guadamuz

10am Magical Unrealism

Moderators:  Daithi Mac Sithigh & Edina Harbinja

Paul Bernal –  And Pigs Might Fly : the Powers and Perils of Magical Thinking about Technology

Melissa de Zwart – Battlespace Moon or Forza Ad Astra

Hannah Smethurst – Live and Let Drive

11am coffee

11.30am  Regulation in Interest-Ing Times

Moderators:  Edina Harbinja

Jon Crowcroft – Real Time Law

Lilian Edwards – Sex and the Single Jurisprude or Love in the Time of Corona?

Alison Harcourt – Cats with High Standards: engineers and the public interest

Chris Marsden – #Wild West Regulation

12.45 LUNCH

2pm Speech, Lies and Wrestling

Moderators: Giovanni de Gregorio & Paddy Leersen

Miranda ‘Purple Peril’ Mowbray and Tristan ‘Crazy Rich Bayesian’ Henderson –  ‘Oh it’s true, it’s damn true!’ Can kayfabe help us wrestle with the regulation of disinformation?

Kyriakos N. Kotsoglou, Marion Oswald and Daniel Robinson – Zombie technology in the twilight zone: Why polygraphs refuse to die

Elettra Bietti – Speech is Circular

3pm coffee

3.30pm Brains, Bodies and What Comes At (Out) the End

Moderators: Giovanni de Gregorio & Paddy Leersen

Jennifer Chandler – “No-one speaks the language his brain now speaks” – Legal responses to neurotechnology for communication

Kipp Freud –  The Ethics of Brain-Computer Interfaces

M E de Amstalden & B Schafer – Richard Nixon Burgers TN: TM law ,WTO and the regulation of cultured meats

Reuben Binns  – Data is the new Sewage

4.45-6.00         Zoom pet show & BYOB drinks


Fri July 31st

10am  The Internet of Antipodeans (+1)

Moderators:  Christopher Millard and Lilian Edwards

Jat Singh – The Internet of Singhs

Andelka Phillips – Your Health and Fitness Data Can And Will Be Used Against You

Reuben Kirkham – Litigating about Information Technology

M Veale – The PETs Are Coming , Oh God, Please Listen, You Have To Stop Them Befo – *scream*

11.15am  Coffee        

11.40am  Ineffectual Property

Moderators:  Wendy Grossman

Rossana Ducato, Giulia Priora, Chiara Angiolini, Alexandra Giannopoulou, Bernd Justin Jütte, Guido Noto La Diega, Leo Pascault, and Giulia Schneider  – E(R)  T : from phone home to videocall school

Nicola Searle – The Cure-All Conspiracy: Trade Secrets might kill

Amy Thomas  and Ula Furgal – Memes and Parasites : analysing discourse on the Copyright Directive

12.40 LUNCH

2pm Living in the (Smart, Bugged) City

Moderators:  Alison Harcourt

Andrea Matwyshyn – The Internet of Best Bodies

Jiahong Chen – Stay At Home (Network)- Regulatory Considerations for Isolating End-of-Life Consumer IoT Products

Fernando Barrio  – Controlling Actions and Words, from the view of the City of Silence

3.30 pm coffee

4pm  Writers’ Block

Moderators:  Alison Harcourt

Adrian Aaronsson-Storrier – Blockchainsnatch A Choose Your Own Adventure

Bianca Hanuz – Blockchain in-game collectable items and copyright law

Ruta Liepina, Constanta Rosca, Bogdan Covrig and Catalina Goanta – Missing Cryptocurrency

4.45-6.00         GIKII 2020 conclusions and Pop-quiz