2019 – Gikii Tilting

GIK II pre-event @ TILTing 2019


Location, Tilburg  University Campus, Dante Building, Room DZ3


9.30-9.40, Leenes/De Conca, Welcome & Opening

9.40-10.00, Matteo Nebbiai, Do Data Protection Authorities dream of electric sheep?

10.00-10.20, Nicolo Zingales, Ghostbusting individual-level market power

10.20-10.40, Gijs van Maanen, PSD2: an essay on privacy, identity, and the problem of indirect consent

10.40-11.00, Amy Thomas, An Easter Egg Hunt: Cultural Borrowing in Video Games


11.00-11.10, Coffee Break (provided)


11.10-11.30, Gerard Jan Ritsema van Eck, “I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined”: Taylor Swift’s ‘reputation’ album and the culture of surveillance

11.30-11.50, Robbert Coenmans, Designing legal systems for Dungeons & Dragons – Pacta sunt servanda: a warlock’s challenge

11.50-12.00, Angela Daly, You wouldn’t download a car but you might 3D print a house? Why IP owners need not worry (yet) about real-life Star Trek Replicators

12.00-12.20, Sascha van Schendel, Predictive analytics in Lord of the Rings: Power, data & safeguards

12.20-12.40, Janos Meszaros, ‘I know what you did in GTA!’ – Gamers and data protection


12.40-14.00, LUNCH BREAK (lunch not provided, see map for where to eat on Campus)


14.00-14.20, Jiahong Chen, Fifty Shades of Grey(lists). Towards a Strong List-based Approach to Data Protection Law

14.20-14.40, Niel ten Oever, Transmetropolitan Revisted: Why the Present-Future is Boring

14.40-15.00, Linnet Taylor, Supervillains and assholes: how scapegoating acts as a brake on technology regulation

15.00-15.20, Silvia De Conca, Colonization of the spirit: real-life laws vs Ken Liu’s The Perfect Match and A Good Hunting.


15.20-15.30, Coffee Break (provided)


15.30-15.50, Smarika Kumar, Neuralities of the Rogue : Some Questions for Accountable Living

15.50-16.10, Caroline Calomme, Catalina Goanta, Kody Moodley, The Laws of Virtual Game Worlds: A Study on User Perceptions

16.10-16.30, Rossana Ducato, Arianna Rossi, Transparency, the First Avenger. A proposal for a Transparency Impact Assessment

16.30-17.00, Megan Rae Blakely, Arrival : Virtual World Terms and Conditions as a Weapon or a Tool?

17.00-17.30, Ronald Leenes, Ronald’s surprise presentation (maybe) + Closing