Gikii Iceland program

By | June 22, 2022

Event details

The event is co-hosted by the Legal Institute of the University of Iceland

Gikii Iceland. 6-7 July 2022

 Venue: School of Law, University of Iceland.

Registration still open:

Online registration.

In-person registration.

All times Iceland time (GMT).

Provisional program

6th July

12 noon Hello & welcome to Gikii

12.15-1.30 (This Woman’s) Work

Dr. Evil’s Guide to Success in the Future of Work, Jeremias Adams-Prassl, Michael Veale, Aislinn Kelly-Lyth, Halefom Abraha, Six Silberman. 

Should teachers use sex as a remedy to unfair content moderation practices?, Guido Noto La Diega.

The Law and Economics of Severance, Salil Mehra.

The opposite of Severance, Andelka Phillips and Wendy Grossman.

1.30-3pm Experiment IV: AI and Robots

Cheating death? Upload, sexual conduct, and the criminal law, Burkhard Schäfer and Chloë Kennedy.

Ron’s Gone Wrong (and so will lots of other robots), Lachlan Urquhart, Lilian Edwards, and Derek McAuley.

Astroboy finding his place in the world: Shaping the future of human-robot coexistence, Naomi Lindvedt.

Artificial Intelligence coregulation: a comparative legal history from network neutrality and European intermediary liability, Chris Marsden.

3-3.30 Coffee

3.30-5pm Make a Deal With God: Intellectual Property goes Wow

When is A not-A? Wendy Grossman & Jon Crowcroft.

You shall not pass – trade secrets as an obstacle to transparency in AI, Ida Varosanec.

Johnny 5 don’t take that!: Automated creation of art, risks and challenges for the legal sector on the digital age, Jesus Manuel Niebla Zatarain.

We can’t say “Press A to Start” due to lawsuits: Videogame mechanics, innovation, and intellectual property, Liam Sunner

5-7 Visit to Creative Community – Groska
Gróska business growth center, situated in Vatnsmýri, Reykjavík, is a melting pot of innovation.



7th July

9.30am- 10.30 am Privacy; Running Up That Hill (same as it ever was?)

Same as it ever was? Complacency, lazy arguments, and the not-so-brief history of privacy, Paul Bernal.

Attitudes to privacy in fictional future space settlement designs by UK high school students, 2011-2022, Helen Oliver.

By signing up to learn about my health and ancestry, I became a suspect in a murder investigation…, Andelka Phillips & Jan Charbonneau.

10.30-11.30am Cloudbusting: Technology, Narratives & Regulation

Priest, pastor, cunning-man, Geek… what to do about magic regulation?, Andrew Cormack.

Spears, bags, solvents – three media for storying the future, Bernard Keenan.

The Web of Time: The Metaverse Reborn, Andres Guadamuz.

11.30am -12 Coffee

12-1pm Creatures of the Night!

If there’s something strange in your [cyber]hood – who you gonna call?, Sandra Schmitz-Berndt & Paula Contreras.

Hunting vampires to avoid a wasteland, Fernando Barrio.

Got a troll problem? Ask an Icelander what to do, Miranda Mowbray.

1pm -2.30 Lunch

2.30pm – 3.30pm ”Some say that heaven is hell.. some say that hell is heaven”

The Cult of Copyology, Adrian Aronsson-Storrier.

Avatars and the Afterlife, Insights from “Upload”, Mauricio Figueroa.

Upload consciousness. Will the metaverse will be our fictional meta-death/paradise?, Anna-Maria Piskopani.

Future News Corp, Natali Helberger.

3.30-4pm Coffee

4-5.30pm This Sensual World: We’re Only Fans of Sex

Sex and Drugs and Online Safety, Andy Phippen.

OnlyBans? Online pornography as platform work, Tima Otu Anwana & Paul Eberstaller.

5.30 Final words and goodbye 


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