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Gikii 2022 Call for Papers

Gikii Goes North of the Wall July 6-7 2022 Venue: School of Law, University of Iceland. After two years of online-only conferences, fellow geeks will be packing their snow-shoes and making it all the way to the land of Ice and Fire, Gikii is going to Reykjavik, Iceland! Gikii has been going strong since 2006,… Read More »

Gikii 2021 final schedule

Here are the abstracts ALL TIMES UK TIME (BST, not GMT) Some presentations have links leading to slides and videos. The chat log for the conference is here (with names redacted). Monday, 13th September 9.45 INTRODUCTION 10.00 Marvellous Session (Chairs Andelka Phillips and Sara Correia) Liam Sunner – House of Intellectual Property / Powers of… Read More »

Gikii 2021 Draft Timetable 

Here are the abstracts   Registration closed. ALL TIMES UK TIME (BST, not GMT) Monday, 13th September 9.45 INTRODUCTION 10.00 Marvellous Session Liam Sunner – House of Intellectual Property / Powers of Intellectual Property: An analysis of the European Union’s engagement with International Intellectual Property Law through the prism of a trade agreement with the… Read More »

Gikii 2021 Call for Abstracts

Gikii 2021: The Light at the End of the Vaccination Syringe Edition September 13-14. Location: the Zoomiverse In 2021, Gikii will again be online. Since last year’s online edition of the fabled Gikii workshop on topics at the intersection of law, technology and popular culture, there’s been the NFT craze, the gaming of Gamestop, the… Read More »

Virtual Gikii programme

We’re sold out! Here’s a link to the waiting list. If you’re a speaker you do not need to register. Programme in PDF format. Abstracts Co-Organised by Catalina Goanta, Maastricht University ALL TIMES UK TIME Thursday July 30th 9.45-10.00      INTRODUCTION  Lilian Edwards & Andres Guadamuz 10am Magical Unrealism Moderators:  Daithi Mac Sithigh & Edina… Read More »

Gikii 2020 Call for Papers

Gikii 2020: New (ab) Normal Edition! July 30-31 2020 Post-apocalyptic Hell-cyberspace (Deadline extended!) Since 2006 Gikii has been at the forefront of the interface between law and popular culture. This year we’re going retro and moving to the Metaverse. Its 1996 all over again! Well maybe early 2000s. Dust-off your VR sets, strap into your… Read More »

Gikii 2019 Registration and Venue Details

The registration page is now open! Here is the registration page for Gikii 2019. The password to get to the page is SBM2019. The event takes place Monday 9 September and Tuesday 10 September, the programme is here. The venue is Collette Bowe Room – Queens Building, Queen Mary University of London – Mile End… Read More »