2015 accepted papers

By | August 17, 2015

Remember that Registration is now open. This year’s papers are:

Kim Barker. Why the web needs a Daredevil…

Melanie Dulong de Rosnay. Digital Golems and Peer-to-Peer Law

Catherine Easton. A golden ticket? Uber, Airbnb and the Chocolate Factory of the sharing economy

Lilian Edwards. I wasn’t myself: conceptions of secrecy, privacy and identity in the Marvel Superhero Universe

Alexandra Giannopoulou. Social reputation systems: it’s about ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Federica Giovanella.  Are Appearances Deceptive? Wireless Community Networks and Tort Law Enforcement

Andres Guadamuz. Do Androids Dream of Electric Copyright? The Rise Non-Human Creativity

Florian Idelberger. The Ethereum world computer – Individual empowerment for everyone or the first step to even more information control?

Edina Harbinja. Sex toys, transcendence and post-mortem privacy

Thomas Höppner. AdTech Gone Wrong: The Regulation of Ad-Blockers

Martin Jones. Live Forever? Definitely Maybe: The music industry and artist immortality

Tatiani Synodinou and Philippe Jougleux. Holograms and the law: a multidimensional issue

Smita Kheria. Life on other Worlds: Creators and Copyright

Derek McAuley. I, Robot; and privacy by design

Salil Mehra. Post-Scarcity Competition Law

Shane McNamee. Do Cyborgs Dream of Electric Lawsuits? – Ethico-Legal Challenges of the Augmented Human

Miranda Mowbray. Security and Privacy for the Internet of Things – Not

David Murakami Wood. The Inevitable Failure of Future Law? Emerging Legal Issues in Recent Transatlantic Science Fiction

Andelka Phillips, I.S. Mian and J. Charbonneau. ‘Molecule say ‘hello’ to molecule’: Technological Innovation under the Microscope

Judith Rauhofer. And thank you for always drawing abs on me when you draw me naked

Burkhard Schafer. My mind to your mind… my thoughts to your thoughts – copyright and privacy implications of brain-to-brain emails

Tim Watts. Smart smart contracts: AI on the blockchain

Caroline Wilson. Gut Symmetries: Propertising and Monetising FMT

Robin Wilton. Turtles, sexbots and gravity – what does Blade Runner tell us about the ethics of intelligent devices?

Yudong Yu. Why humans should concerns AIs future — from perspective of patent law

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